Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pinkalicious Galvanized Tub

For Isabelle's birthday I wanted a pink galvanized tub. I couldn't find least for a reasonable pricce. I ended up finding a white one at Target for 9.99. I had resigned myself to the white tub instead of what was in my mind. I know, get used to disappointment, right?

While I was at Jo Ann's, I found some nifty intricate die cut pink paper. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I bought two pages for $1.99 each. Then, to finish birthday sabelle's present, i had bought some Modge Podge. When it came down to it, I chopped up the scrapbook paper into equal sections and modge podged it on, all around the tub. It turned out very cool.

If you can't tell I have been on a crafty kick lately. While I was looking for a wreath to make for my front door a couple of months ago, I accidentally stumbled upon The World of Craft Blogging. Wow...I got so many ideas and it really was light years away from your old country craft and macrame plant hangers. So if you are feeling thrifty or want to beautify your home on a budget...check out my list of crafty blogs I read on the side bar


Michelle said...

I love it, very cute idea! I usually get that crafty kick in late summer early fall and it doesn't leave until spring.

Beth said...

You were born to have kids . . . love how the creativity just flows. That turned out awesome!

Esther said...

That pink on white became very cool. Thanks for crafty book suggestions.