Friday, August 13, 2010

Hair Bow-O-Rama

In light of my sucess with the last hair bow experience, I thought I'd try again. I wish I had a "tutoral" for you, but I didn't know my attempt was going to be successful, so I didn't take any pictures! So I'll just tell you what I did: First I got an old shirt I bought at good will that I thought had some cute red, pink, and white plaid material (which Isabelle was sure to tell me she didn't ike. It wasn't all PINK or PURPLE, therefore, not a favorite)

I also found an old pink sparkly headband that Isabelle loved and I hate. Don't tell her that I hot glued her most unfavorite material over that headband. She'll freak out.

Anyway, back to the "tutorial." I cut the shirt into strips, twisted them around and around, until they were thin strips. Does that make sense? I then wrapped them around and around in the shape of a swirly lollipop, securing it using hot glue. I also cut and glued the same material all over the before mentioned favorite sparkly headband. I then glued the roses to the top. I think it's lovely.

I also made the same rosettes and hot glued them to a regular ole' clippy. It looked really cute on grace and stayed in her hair very well.


Beth said...

Those really are great. Obviously Ashley is way too old, and my other 3 are boys . . . what to do, what to do?


See how you always inspire. : )

P.S. Maybe you should set up an estsy store.

The Polo Club said...

just so you know, I put a bunch of pics on my blog from the party. There are a couple of cute ones of all of the girls. Your hair bows are really cute!! We so enjoyed last weekend with you guys and can't wait to see you next weekend!