Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Saturday we had a birthday party for Isabelle. I LOVE having little girl parties. There isn't much more fun (for me) than planning a kids party. We invited a few girls and boys over and lot's of family! We grilled hamburgers and had cupcakes. Nothing too fancy...but it was ALL. WRAPPED. IN. PINK. The Fairy Princess that graced our signs and invites came compliments of my very talented cousin, Shannon @ Etsy. Later, I'll highlight some of my favorite Do It Yourself projects we did for this party. In the meantime...enjoy some pic's!

We played pin the crown on the princess, attempted some water ballon games, and brought out the church's waterslide. All the little girls got wings, tutu's, flower tiara's, and magic wands (of course). The boys got Pirate hats and swords...because I didn't think pink tutu's would go over so well with small boys.


Anonymous said...

Absolutly Adorable!!!!!!

shannon said...

Love the cupcake tree!

Beth said...

Wow! Such a lovely pink party . . . you are so creative!