Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake Balls

Along with Cupcakes, i wanted to try my hand at Cake Balls. These scrumptious little pastries are easy to make but really...NOT EASY. I almost put my head in the oven before I had these made. Isabelle loves her some Hello Kitty so i thought these would be a big hit. Bakerella has the tutorial, but they weren't as easy or as pretty as her's. They ended up a little on the lumpy side, and about a fourth of them ended up on the floor/stairs/freezer/floral styrofome and in the chocolate. The one you see here is by far the best one. They looked good from a far and really, they were quite yummy!


Beth said...

Danielle, those are awesome! Oh for just a thimble full of your talent!

Anonymous said...

they were just to cute and yummmmmmmmy gram