Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Squeezing Every Ounce of Summer Out...

I am looking forward to Autumn and all it entails...cool, crisp, weather, the trees turning colors, pumpkin patches, and bon fires. But in the same breath, we have been attempting to squeeze every ounce of sunshine and summer out of our days. Even on the last unofficial day of summer, Labor Day, we spent the temperate sunny day at the Zoo with my parents. It was beautiful, not at all crowded, and we had a great time(thanks Aunt Brenda for the season pass for Christmas!)

And we have been busy preparing for a new phase in the Michael Chronicles: Daycare! Because of some unforseen challenges, we needed to switch from home care to daycare. Fortunatly, we went back to the daycare center that Isabelle was at before I went part time with the birth of Grace. We know the teachers and love them dearly. Best of all (for us): We trust them! And Isabelle will be in a full 3 day preschool program. Score one for Kindergarten readiness!

She was a bit apprehensive about it. Expecting some reticense in this particular child, I had a secret weapon on hand. Last night I pulled out a new surprise Hello Kitty lunch bag and let Isabelle help me pick her lunch foods and pack them. She was good to go this morning (Thank you Jesus!) and excited about...well...the lunch bag, if nothing else.

Grace? As always she jumped right in and made the best of her new situation. New friends and new routine and all. Love that child!


Anonymous said...

those pictures are priceless,i hate i missed it,i love the so much,granny

drowninginblessing said...

We'll be praying for the girls in their new situation. I'm glad they have each other. Love those pics!

Beth said...

I'm so looking forward to fall whether as well!

Great shot of the monkey—do you think he recognized you pulled a camera out? : )