Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Bum's

Last weekend we traveled up to the North Coast of Ohio to celebrate my cousin Joe's wedding and to have a little vacation on the beach. The wedding was beautiful and Isabelle, Grace, and my neice Abby were the belle's of the ball and little dancing queens to boot. My Aunt Shiela even had the DJ play Put A Ring On It so that Grace would do her little dance. She did for a while, until she noticed everyone watching her. I think it was just too much pressure!

Here is Joe doing the dollar dance with Isabelle and Grace (and just about the only good pictures I got at the wedding!)

Unfortuntely, we are noticing a trend in vacations for the Michael Family. Whenever we go near a beach and use the "V word" (vacation) little black rain clouds follow us. So we rented a little cottage near Lake Erie, and went to the beach, but we didn't do much swimming because it was dark and broody and the lake was pretty rough. Oh well. It was still fun!

Playing in the sand with Opa

Grace in her hot pink lifejacket. saftey first!

Walking to the beach with Aunt Jona, Uncle Eric and Abby

Aunt Jona and Oma reading a book to the girls before bed

Taking a bath in the mini bathtub in the cottage. So very 1950!


Beth said...

Even with little black clouds, it looks delightfully fun!

Love the bathtub picture—too cute!

Anonymous said...

hi michael's i enjoyed your vacation.the pictures are great hope and pray gracy's ear is to you all gram

drowninginblessing said...

bed storytime with the cousins. cherish the moments.

Beth said...

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I also try to do the natural cleaners—Method products are my favorite! They work well and smell so nice. You can really smell the chemicals in other cleaners once you switch. I just kind of ponied up and bought lots of the Method products for all of our bathrooms and now I just have to replace one or two every so often. Hope that helps. : )