Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bento Thursday

I am going to try to post a picture every week or so with what I made for lunch for the girls that week. Honestly, I steal most of my bento ideas from the websites listed to the right. Everyone in www land seems to have gone Hog Halloween Wild. So the below just couldn't be helped.

Our daycare requires that the kids have basically one of each foodgroup in thier lunches (even tho I'm fairly sure neither of my children have much to do with the veggies I pack, I really don't know because they throw all of the left over food away instead of sending it home)

In the below box you see a Mummy hotdog, wrapped in a cresent roll, with edible marker eyes. Also you have Nilla Waffers(where I wrote I love you on the top one!)

In the top bento box you see two fruit sticks (I was thinking about making eyes out of them, but just plain forgot), also there is carrot sticks with veggie dip in the monkey head, and a ghost cheese stick. Yum!

I have been getting some feedback from the care givers at the center. Isabelle's teacher asked me where I get all of the cute lunch stuff. And Grace's teacher asked me if I stay up till midnight every night making lunches. I have also gotten those questions in my comment section, so I'll try to answer them!

If you click on the lunch blogs on the right, they have links to thier favorite bento stores. I also got some of my stuff at a local japaanese gift store/market in town. I found it by using this bento store locator. But I had actually been there a few weeks before to find a random asian food ingrediant...anyone need any Ponzu sauce?

Do I stay up till midnight? No. It takes me about twice as long as it would to make a regular ole' baggy and brown bag lunch. But I do not dread it like I dreaded the brown bag lunch routine. I enjoy it. It's much more like creating than like a chore. Not to mention, the kids love it AND they eat more interesting and varied things than they would with regular old food.


Shanygne said...

I saw the laptop lunchboxes at Whole Foods the other day...
way to go, Danielle! even if they don't eat it all right now, just seeing it will encourage them to try it at some point!
Love you! Passing Emily's birthday always makes me think of/miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is a labor of love...I used to use the lunchable containers for Philip's snacks or lunches when he was home, just put the fruit and pretzels, dip..whatever in the compartments, he loved them! I would love the bento's for myself...anyway, you are doing an act or labor of love for your sweethearts...or shall I say princesses. I have prince Philip at my home> Love you! Terri

Anonymous said...

daniell you amaze me,iwant to see the girls soooooooooo bad i miss them gram

Natalie said...

I love the mummy hotdog and ghost cheesestick. Adorable and yummy!