Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Giving

I have started thinking about Christmas! I can't believe it...but it's true! My mom already asked me for a "Christmas List" for the kids. It is difficult to come up with wish lists for kids who don't talk and "wish" for things yet. Hence, Isabelle has a list...Grace? What does she need? She just had a birthday, she get's Isabelle's hand me down toys and clothes. She's a bit trickier.

Anyway, this Christmas I want to start working on thoughtful handmade gifts with Isabelle. I would like to begin early making the focus about what we give, not what we get. So watch your Christmas Tree's folks, wonderful, thoughtful, handmade goodness from the Michael Children (with a little help from Mama) will be coming your way.

Do you have any traditions or thoughtful gift ideas that you do with your children?

And Speaking of Trees, here are our country girls and thier version of climbing trees.


Anonymous said...

i miss them so much,love gram

The Polo Club said...

I had no idea that Abby "climbed" the tree. Really cute.