Sunday, October 03, 2010

Morning People

Half of my family are morning people: Conrad and Grace. They wake up with a smile on thier faces and excited about life. Isabelle and I, the other half, are NOT like these pleasant creatures of the rising sun. And throw the two of us together, add in an alarm clock that didn't go off, and you have a virtual war zone!

So today, I am thankful for my husband, who does much of the managing of Isabelle in the morning. He wakes her up gently, and jokes with her to make her smile and giggle. He sends Grace in to give her kisses and takes time to cuddle with her before starting the morning routine. And he mostly leaves me with our pleasant little morning bird to take care of. I think he's realized it's the best way for ALL of us to have a good start to our days when Mommy works. He takes good care of all of us!


The Polo Club said...

None of the 3 of us are morning people. Who knows about our next child, it should be fun if they are a morning person. Eric already gets Abby up and takes care of her in the morning (for the most part) because most mornings I am anti-morning and I hate getting up! So he is better than me at least. However, I am going to have to be more active in the morning routine when we have another one. Not so looking forward to that.

drowninginblessing said...

Is Grace eating a hard boiled egg whole? Go girl!~

Oma said...

I'm thinking that both of you have unfortunately inherited another trait from me--- heehee. I'm not a morning person - but I'm not a nite person either. Not sure how that plays out - but we all have fun when the girls are with us. We're looking forward to seeing you all Thursday.