Sunday, October 03, 2010

My First Homemade Costume

I have faithfully stuck with the store bought costume for my kids' Halloween costumes in the past. The cold hard facts were that it was cheaper to do this than spent the $$$ on homemade duds. Poor little Gracie (as is the story of her life) has always gotten hand me down costumes...we'll this year marks her second real dress up and get candy event. Isabelle is the one who get's something new each year.

This year I saw this totally cute cupcake costume in the Pottery Barn catalogue. But it was $60! For a costume that will get warn best. Four times if your next chid wears it the next year. Who spends that kind of money on this kind of thing? Not me. So, reading the description I realized it was just really expensive felt. Could I re-create this? Alas, no. I thought my sewing skills were sadly lacking and my mom (who has all of the sewing skills in the family, is way too busy to make a cupcake costume.

Lucky for me, someone way more creative and talented than myself figured out how to re-create the costume..and all without a stitch! She did it all with a hot glue gun...and she wrote a tutorial. Score! What do you think?


Oma said...

She looks so cute!! You did a nice job - but don't say I don't have time - of course, I would do whatever you wanted me to do - for my grand daughters!!! LOL You just have to let me get started on the 4th of July. What's Gracie going as?

shannon said...

so cute. now you just need to make her a cherry hat to top it off!

drowninginblessing said...

You can't go wrong with the perfect model. :)