Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dirty What?

I have been contemplating starting a segment called "Grace-isms" of the Day...since Grace is talking so much these days. Let me just start by saying that Grace repeats a lot of what we say...for the good and bad. Let me also add that Grace has just mastered the "s" sound but hasn't yet mastered "r" so, "Right,Mama?" Sound like, "Wight, Mama?"

That being said, yesterday I was changing Graces somewhat stinky diaper and I was just playing aroung with her and said, "Oh, Gracie, do you have dirty britches?" She replied, "Yes. I have dirty britches.(but remember she can't say her "r" sound yet...) My eyes got big as I realized what words were coming out of my sweet babies mouth...right before she jumped down and ran throug the house yelling, "Dirty Britches! Dirty Britches!(minus the "r" sound). Oh my.


Anonymous said...

I can just hear her saying it. I can't believe how much she is talking. I have to tell you, I am really missing all of you. I hope I don't have to wait until Thanksgiving to see you. Give the girls hugs from me. Love you all.
Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

my beautiful baby, love you guys granny

Leah said...


I can do that because it's not me, and not my kid. :)

PS... I'm ready for more Bento box photos.. you've got me inspired and reading all these bento blogs now. Crazy!

Shanygne said...

ayayayayay! one of my kids recently said the "f" word, just because they were rhyming. Rhyming has gotten them into trouble a FEW times! oy vey!