Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favorite Things Friday(Even tho it's Wednesday): Big Picture Bible

Even though I missed Friday by a few days, I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of my favorite childen's Bibles at some point. I had been wanting to get Isabelle a Bible that would be great for her to read. We have several Bibles for the kids already. One of my VERY favorite for Grace, and Isabelle at her age, is the Baby Story Bible (unfortuantely, I couldn't find it online!). They summarize bible stories in one short page. With five or six statements per story. After each statement, it's followed by an activity: "It rained for many days on Noah and the animals." followed by, "Wiggle your fingers like rain" Both girls really got into the stories and we read it nightly.

But today's post is about the Big Picture Bible. Isabelle got this book from my Uncle Mick and Beverly for Christmas last year it is amazing. Every time I read it, it brings the Truth and really...the Big Picture of the Word to life like nothing I've read before. It makes the parallel between Old Testement "kings" and God's "Forever King" we were waiting for in Jesus. The illustrations are great and it deals with difficult biblical subject with amazing clarity for small children and (what I love!) always brings the story back around to God's desire for us to be a blessing to the Nations. If you are looking for a Bible for your little ones...check ths one out!


TClayton said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing this. We have some of the Little Blessings books and LOVE them(Amazon has a ton of them...Who is Jesus, Is God with Us, Are Angels Real, What about the Cross? and several more), but I've been thinking about what kind of Bible would work for Zeke at his age.

drowninginblessing said...

Looks like a great book! We love the Baby Bible book too. It's so fun to see the kids grow into these. Tiffany, We'll have to look for Little Blessings too, Thx!