Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Potty Dance

I am super impressed (and super excited!) with our little one’s potty skills, at this point. She has pretty much been sitting on the potty (or around the general potty area) almost every day. She has even been peeing in it at least once a day! Isabelle always responded to treats and rewards for pottying. Grace, on the other hand, is pretty excited with the verbal affirmation. Clapping, cheering, and dancing with her goes a long way for Grace! I’m already starting to see those love languages emerge!


Anonymous said...

thease pictures are so cute.

Oma said...

I'm just so not sure about the last one and what she's doing in it!! I loved it when your dad put her on the potty Christmas and when she looked down and realized she had gone number 2, she said, Look, it's working!! She is the funniest little thing. And she does---they both bring lots of JOY!!!