Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hand Made Christmas: Wreath Tutorial

For Christmas, one of the gifts we made my mom was a “Front Door Make Over.” She had been mulling over painting her front door and had mentioned wanting a vinyl like this for her front door. So for Christmas, I wrapped up an old half used repurposed can of red outdoor paint, I also got her the vinyl that said, “Bless this House and All Who Enter.” I then bought an inexpensive outdoor rug at Wal-mart and monogrammed it with a big “P” by using a plate to make the circle, then widening the line with black fabric paint. I then free handed the big P. It turned out rather good, I think.

Lastly I made a wreath that rocks! I loved it and thought I’d share it with you. I bought five or six different kinds of material in small squares...I actually bought quilting squares. I bought the colors in red, green, and brown for Christmas.

I also bought little brads to go in the center and a large grape vine wreath. I then took three different size measuring cups and begin tracing circles and cutting them out. I then layered them up and put the brad through the middle.

I finished it off by simply hot gluing them to the wreath. Simple and fun to do! It actually only took me a couple of hours while I was watching Television one night! I think she liked it…

P.S. I need to give credit where credit is due. Like most of my "crafts" I'm stealing my ideas from others...this is where I got the idea for this awesome wreath!


Anonymous said...

daniell this was beautiful, and it looks great on your door you need one to,the read really sets it off.

Oma said...

No DOUBT ABOUT IT! I do love it. I can't wait to get the whole door done Then you and Jona hsve to tell me the ideas you have for the rest of the house!!! LOL I love you and I do really appreciate ALL the Christmas gifts...but especially getting together with the whole family. You guys made it GREAT.