Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Wrapping Gifts

To "wrap up" my Christmas Series I thought I'd share with you some hand made Christmas wrapping ideas. This year I wanted to use some of the great ideas I've found on line and save some money wrap some beautiful gifts for our loved ones. Of course, beautiful wrapping was not included in my kids gifts, they just have no appreciating, but I thought I'd share some ideas with you anyway.

As you can see I love me some jute. AND I love plain papper that I can double up. I also have a TON of red tissue paper, so I made little rosettes out of strips of tissue paper and used them to decorate gifts...cheap and cute!


drowninginblessing said...

I love your rosettes! I thought about doing a blog about our fabric wrappping this year. Partly out of necessity (Christmas gift wrap is hard to come by here, and expensive) and partly out of my desire to be eco friendly. I got all the assorted pieces of cloth I had in the house and folded them to wrap packages, then tied with pretty bows. Faster than paper wrapping and fully recyclable. :)

Anonymous said...

daniell you have so much talent,i love looking at your blog to see what you have created now ,beside's i love the pictures,having a good time with the little girls ,right now they are watching a movie with oma, love you guys granny