Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hand Made Christmas: Sugar Scrub

I wanted the girls to have a hand in making Christmas presents this year. I found a great idea for a Brown Sugar Scrub and a Lemon Sugar Scrub. I got the organic ingrediants that were so simple and so easy to make. I let the girls pour the measured ingrediants in and help me mix them up by hand. I then poured them into nice mason jars and created lables for them. We tied little scoops I found at Wal Mart in three packs to the jars with jute. We gave them to aunts and the girls teachers (along with a small gift card...hey, teachers just aren't paid what they are worth, am I right?) They turned out great and the scrubs work surprisingly well!


drowninginblessing said...

I love your Christmas posts. This scrub sounds yummy and simple. More great ideas from Danielle the Creative

Michelle said...

The lemon scrub sounds sooo good. You come up with the best ideas!

Tara said...

OOHH.. That sounds so nice....To bad I lack the patience to make any of it!