Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kid-isms of the Week

Grace:(2 years old and getting in trouble for not listening) You can't spank me. I'm just a baby.

Conversation with Isabelle in the bathtub about friendship. After Isabelle told me how all of her friends are mean to her and don't play with her. A conversation we have had several times before.

Mommy: Isabelle, if you are having the same problems with your friends over and over again, I think the problem may be with you and not with your friends.
Isabelle: (Pause) I think that's the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.

They crack. me. up...most of the time. Sometimes they just exhaust me.

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Anonymous said...

They are way beyond their years.LOL So cute. You'd never know they were only 2 and 4. I love that you're keeping these menories recorded. They'll laugh at them later when they get older and you'll wish they were that age again when you read them. They are both adorable, Danielle.