Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another Grace-ism or two

Our two year old Grace talks ALOT. I think she talks more and more clearly than most two year olds, but I may be biased. Some of you have read this first story on Facebook, but I thought I'd share with you anyway:

Last Sunday in sunday school, thier "praise praise" was "Here am I, send me, send me, I want to be a missionary." Since Conrad runs the sound for Church Mouse Praise House, he was asking Grace to repeat the praise phrase for us. She responded with, "Here am I, send me send me, I want to be a Christmas Tree!"

The second story is about the well loved character, Olivia. If you don't have any little girls, Olivia is a sassy little pig, who is very popular in books and in her own cartoon. She's about six years old (and reminds me a little bit of Isabelle. One of the first pages of the first Olivia book says, "Olivia wears everyone out. She even wears herself out." And that about sums it up!) But I digress.

We were getting the girls ready to leave for daycare and feeding them breakfast. I had made some sausage and they were munching away. The following conversation ensued.
Mommy: What are you eating?
Grace: Sausage.
Daddy: What is it made out of? (He has a thing against pork. I don't know why. I think pork is perfectly lovely.)
Isabelle: Chicken (because really 97% of all the meat we eat is Chicken)
Daddy: No. It's made out of pork.
Grace: No, it's sausage.
Daddy: No. Pork.
Mommy: (thinking they don't know what pork is and just wanted to make that connect.) It's pig. It's made out of Olivia!
Grace: (as the information makes it's way to her head that she may be eating Olivia, her eyes get big and she cries out with anguish) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Mommy: (Ooops.)Okay okay. Let's just stick with chicken.


Anonymous said...

she is sooooo smart.i miss them so love granny

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I think you posting these adorable stories on your blog is a wonderful way to keep them as precious memories for the girls in the future. Gracie is so smart. Vicky

Tara said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!! She reminds me of Carlie!