Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bento Thursday Catch Up

Even though I have neglected to post on Bento Thursday, I have still been bento-ing. The kids are still loving thier lunches and Grace's young-ish teacher even told me that she hoped to be like me one day when she became a mom. I assume she meant the bento and not the lack of patience I often display when dealing with my sweet offspring :)

I have some pic's stockplied, so I'll share. I hope it inspires you!

In the top box is half of a turkey and cheese sandwhich, a few cheese it's and a container of veggie dip. I put two little heart confetti on the sandwiches and Isabelle felt like that was the best thing ever! In the bottom is carrots and berry skewers.

In the top box are the current favorite fruit, Cutie Clementines, and a small container of SF chocolate pudding. In the bottom container is carrots, dip, and a pizza roll up, which is basically pizza sauce, mini turkey peperonni and cheese, microwaved and rolled up. They love this too!

In the top is fruit and carrots, seperated by a little bento grass. In the bottom is actually a nitrate free hotdog, with ketchup and cheese, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, cheese its, and half of a Twizzler.
On a slightly more creative day we have the return of the snowman with chocolate chip eyes, a carrot nose, a fruit leather scarf and craisin buttons. He's full of turkey and cheese too.


Shanygne said...

you are amazing. wish I even had the DESIRE to be that creative, let alone accomplish it!

drowninginblessing said...

Adorable! Is the snowman some kind of pastry?

Danielle said...

nope. The snow man is a turkey and cheese sandwicg!

Michelle said...

In the strawberry & blueberry kabob what do you have on the top? And do you use the skews to place the fruit on?

Danielle said...

Hey Shell,
the little things on the top are the top of the bento skewers. you can buy tons of different kinds of skewers. I like this site best for ordering bento supplies