Monday, February 14, 2011

Home Bento-ing and Whats for Dinner

As a lil extra I thought I'd share some of what our kids are eating at home. This is over a month or so period, so really, they are not eating like this all the time....just occasionally. Usually they fuss over the usual chicken pot pie, Turkey Chili, and Indian Curries that we eat.

Just in case you were interested, this was a new recipe I tried and liked. Anything on the pioneer woman's blog is usally a sure bet, but these were the best enchiladas I had ever tried. I added a grocery store rotisserrie chicken to mine. Yum.
This is one of the coolest bento do dads that I have found. It's an egg shaper. Grace loves her some boiled eggs in the morning, so I have a couple of these, but the bunny is a favorite!
And happy V day, it's heart shaped pizzas! Easy to cut out of flat bread and pizza is always a hit with my kids. I love to make it at home, where I can control the healthy/not so healthy ingrediants. I also make a mean pizza dough, thanks again Pioneer Woman!


shannon said...

ooohhhhh. I like the egg shaper!

Anonymous said...

all that looks sooooo good,is gracy all better?love you guys granny