Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bento Thursday

I discovered some new blog inspiration thanks to Leah! and I even bought a few new supplies (basically a set of princess cookie cutters and some new's not hard to make little girls happy)

In the top bento we have the favorite berry skewers, also we have baby carrots and a little container of veggie dip. In the bottom box is a turkey sandwhich with a cheese crown, complete with pearl and heart sprinkles, adhered using peanut butter! Also a homeade blueberry mini muffin and a small container of ketchup, which Isabelle told me was NOT enough.

In the top container is a hot dog with a cheesy face, made with edible markers, Graham crakers and half a cheese stick. In the bottom container is Berry Skewers, Cucumber hearts and a container of ranch dressing, "contained" with one of the heart scraps. Hopefully it worked!


Aunt Brenda said...

You simply amaze me with your creativeness (if that is a word). I could get used to having those kinds of lunches. I'm sure the girls just love them. Hope everyone is doing well; have fun in Chicago this weekend. Love

Oma said...

That is so adorable!! I'm really having Gracie & Isabelle withdrawal. ARe you sure I can't come and get one of the girls for the weekend? It would make your trip to Chicago soooo much easier!! LOL Love you guys. Tell Therza I said Hi and hopefully I will get to see her before she leaves to go back to India. Love and Kisses

heidi grooms said...

hey yummmy!! i want one...
on another note..
you got time for a few india questions i have before i leave... can't find your email... mine is hgrooms @ gpartners. org