Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isabelle's First Valentines Class Party

Last Friday Isabelle had her first ever school Valentine's party. I'm not sure who was more excited, her or me. Don't you remember those in school? They were so fun to make your own little bags and make valentines for your friends. And of course, any excuse to eat chocolate was always good.

Isabelle doesn't usually go to school on Friday's, but we went in just for the party. We almost didn't make it because she was having a very bad, no good, horrible kind of morning (which means Mommy and Grace were also not having a good day...) I was going to skip it (never mind all of the work we had put into the valentines and the treat and already paid for pizza!) until I remembered that I had committed to bringing a treat and I didn't remember seeing that many parent's sign up so we should probably go!

I was glad we did and Grace even got to participate with the older kids. But the funnest thing for me was that I got to be class mom for a couple of hours. Also a first for me!! There are 14 preschoolers in her class and usually two teachers, but they take turns going to lunch about this time, so they were down a teacher and had lot's of activities planned for V-day.

They had a great time and got lot's of goodies. Isabelle loved passing out her treats and valentines that we made. Just marshmellows on a stick, dipped in chocolate, with sprinkles. Simple, but kids love it!

We also worked hard on her hand made valentines. I printed them out for free on our printer, and we bought valentine-y pencils to use. Isabelle worked hard at signing her name to the back. Fun stuff

One interesting fact that I found out about her class is that she has a set of Quadruplets in her class!! Three boys and a girl!


Anonymous said...

those pictures are sooooo cute,isabell was probably nervous,they are sosweet.since she has so much problem riding so far why don'tyou guys let us keep her while you are gone away this wk end,we would love that,would like to have them both, love you all granny

Aunt Brenda said...

Thank you for all the pictures and the updates. Grace looks like she had lots of fun with the chocolate. I'm sure they both had a great Valentine's Day party once you got there. Love you all. Have a great weekend.
Aunt Brenda

Leah said...

Your handmade valentine blew ours out of the water... I was inspired at first and then decided ours looked more like poinsettias.. but then decided we had done too much work to make changes. It wasn't so pretty.

I LOVED your marshmallow idea. My kids would adore that!