Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicago 2011

Well, we certainly had a great time last weekend visiting family in Chicago! The girls (and us) were so excited to see Tereza-aka (aka means sister and it's what the girls call her). We spent all day saturday at Shedd's Aquarium and got lots of dark and fuzzy pictures since they won't let you use your flash inside...darn skittish marine life.

Still the highlight was spending time with her and staying at her high powered executive diggs on the 48th floor in the middle of downtown Chicago. Lowlight? PAYING for parking in beautiful downtown Chicago...ouch.

On Sunday we traveled out to the suburbs to go to church and visit with my old friend, Gwen and her husband Jose and four beautiful children. We were roomates back in the day in Teen Mania, and like with so many of my TM friends, it's like no time had passed at all! I loved catching up with her and getting to know her wonderful family. On a side note, we went to church with them in the morning and sat behind Phil Vischer...the creater of Veggie Tales...for real! No weekend is complete with Christian Celebrity sighting! Since we were in Wheaton, I was kind of hoping a chance encounter with the likes of Elisabeth Elliott, but oh well, Phil will have to do.

Tereza, Isabelle, Grace, and Conrad in front of the beautiful view from her apartment(note beautiful view not seen because of flash....bummer.)

At Gwen an Jose's. Gwen and all six of our children sitting down for lunch! Six! Oh how we multiply!

Grace and Tereza looking at little blue fish. The girls loved spending time with Tereza!

We ate lunch here and you could watch the baluga whales underwater. This is Tereza and the girls watching the whales.

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Anonymous said...

pictures are beautiful,looks like you had fun,it was that the girls was able to spend that time with terza.miss you guys love granny