Friday, February 25, 2011

Bento Thursday

I know it's Friday, but it's been a busy week! This last couple of weeks I had quite a creative streak. Take a look!

In the top bento you have berry skewers and a brownie with a little heart confetti on it. In the bottom bento you have a hot dog octopus on top of macaroni and cheese.

In the bento on the left is a turky and cheese sandwich with the little turkey and cheese girl on top. My girls thought it looked like a little piggy. Whatever. In the little cup is veggie dip. In the box on the right is rasperries and grapes, carrots and a leftover valentine's treat.

We did breakfast for lunch this day with sausage links, a little bear head boiled egg and star toast, which Isabelle told me was soggy by lunch. also is another valentine treat, little cheese pieces and a clementine with a berry center.

Here are glass slipper pizza's with mini turkey pepperoni's. Also are two strawberry fig newtwons with a heart adhered with peanut butter You also have veggies and a "magic wand" made from yellow squash and a red pepper. In the little container is apple sauce with little pearls. I told the girls it was Aladdin's secret cave of treasures and they had to find the pearls.. and blackberry skewers

In the top box is homeade baked chicken nuggest, topped with cheese butterflies, along with some twizzlers, bought to decorate bento box items. In the container is a little ketchup. In the bottom box are clementines, grapes, and a homeade blueberry mini muffin.

And this last bento is very special because I packed it for Conrad! He was kidding around with Isabelle telling her he wanted a princess bento too for lunch. So Isabelle and I packed up the rest of the leftover chicken nuggets and made him a glass slipper for his lunch. Ha! I wish I could have seen his co-workers faces...


Shanygne said...

I finally got some picks and a cutter, per your inspiration... gonna mix up our lunches a LOT around here! I realized that our dinners are really good, fresh, healthy, but lunches were suffering. SO, the change. I even made an entire month's worth of menus so I wouldn't be tempted to quit!

Thanks, Denzel!

Natalie said...


What are the little "pearls"? Are they edible? These are so darn cute! I don't know where you find the time!


Anonymous said...

daniell you are off the scale!!!!!! thease are just to cute,do the girls enjoy helping? love you guys granny

Leah said...

Way to go on the creativity! Our Bentos are a good mix of a lot of foods but not all that thematic yet. Oh well, we'll get there eventually. :) Abby loves them though, so I think it's working.