Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter Blah's

I do this every winter. I just get sooo sick of snow and clouds and short days and being stuck inside. It's well...a little depressing. I long for sunshine and beaches, and many of the past few years I have been able to convince my husband to eek out a few days in some tropical or semi-tropical location. But this year it just isn't in the cards and boy am I feelin' it!

Anyway, I thought I'd highlight some of the good times we have been having. I have been attempting to get us all out of the house on the days that everyone is well (colds and cough are also our constant companion this time of year!). We have been going to story hour at the library, COSI, and any play place that will let us in for a three dollar happy meal. Our church also has an awesome two story play place that is open to the public during the week and we LOVE! Anyway, here are some pictures from some of our outings to COSI:

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Oma said...

We all enjoyed New Year's Eve at COSI. It was so much fun with the girls.