Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy February

Sorry for the sparse posts lately. We have been busy with many changes and just trucking along in our little family. Most notably, kindergarten registration is coming up!! Can you believe that Isabelle will be in Kindergarten next year? Since our house has STILL not sold and we live in a district who's Elementary School is just out of "Academic Emergency" we have decided to (drumroll please)....send Isabelle to Christian School! I know, I know..if you know me it's the one schooling option I swore I would never do!

Luckily our church has a great Christian school that we are excited about! And we are starting membership classes at church to get that "official" membership discount on tution. Whoo hoo! We pray that it's a good decision for our girl.

On another note...we just got word that Conrad's Cousin, Tereza, is coming to the US for work and she'll only be a state or two away in Chicago! She works for a very prestigious US accounting firm and we are hoping she'll be able to take some time to come and visit with us! Finally some family coming from India to see us!! We are beyond excited to see her and Isabelle already has a list of places she thinks Tereza might want to visit with her...hope you like the Zoo in winter, Tereza-aka!


drowninginblessing said...

Hi. Nice to have you blogging again! My entertainment has been greatly diminished this month (since it basically consists of your blog). So is Tereza your sister cousin? We'll be praying for happy settling in the U.S.A. :)

Anonymous said...

that is sooo sweet that isabell wants to entertain her cousin we all would be happy to have her come ,that is the most beautiful picture of isabell love and miss you guys granny