Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bento Thursday

This week I have been pretty lackluster in the lunch packing department, luckily I had a creative but busy bento week last I give you: Last Week's Bento Box's!

In the top bento are pepperoni pizza butterflies, in between two pieces of wheat tortillas. In the bottom box is a scary looking strawberry mouse, apples, grapes, and two strawberry fig newtons.

In the box on the left is Indian Chicken Biryani, molded into heart and star rice balls along with a container of veggie dip. In the box on the right is apple slices, housing a raspberry caterpiller, blueberries, carrots and half a cheese stick.

1 comment:

Shanygne said...

awesome... thanks for continuing to share these! finally joining in on the bento-making... it's making for much healthier lunches for us.