Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bento Thursday

In the box on your left you have a chick ham sandwich, covered in cheese, with sprinkle eyes and heart confetti on top. You also have ants on a log and fishy on a log! In the box on the right is strawberries and grape kabobs and an oreo cookie

In the bento on the top you have a fishy sandwich with fruit leather stripes and fishies, in the bottom bento is a yogurt tube, berries, and the rest of half a fruit leather.


Aunt Brenda said...

I am at lunch catching up on reading your blog. I haven't eaten and now I want all the good stuff. I'm sure the girls just love those lunches. Missing you guys; hope to see you soon.

Oma said...

The lunches look delish-I'm thinking about ordering me some Bento so I can eat healthy and fun- they are small too - so it would be a good diet tool for Oma for lunch!! LOL

Love you guys and had a GREAT time with you over the weekend.