Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fondue Party

Every Friday night we have Small Group at our House. We love love love hosting our weekly biblestudy and love the families that are a part of it! We look forward to getting together, hanging out, and studying the Bible. We also have a group full of foodies. It's fun to cook and bake for people who enjoy it and to try out all of my new recipes and old favorites on them! This last week we decided to do fondue. I tried a Garlic Cheese Fondue and a Classic Chocolate Fondue made with Ghirdelli chocolate. Another famiy brought all of the fun cheesecake, angel food cake, strawberries, grapes, french bread, apples, and marshmellows. I think it was a hit!


drowninginblessing said...

oh yum. Take me to that happy place! I bet the girls loved it. I had a sweet crunchy apple tonight (South African Pink Lady) and I was in heaven... it's the simple things. :)

Anonymous said...

that all looked so good did you buy a new pot?you do have a great groupe they all seem so nice.i am loveing spending time with the girls and so is every one else. see you guys soon love gram