Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bowling Babies

This weekend we took the girls bowling for the first time ever. We had a good time, although let me just say that bowling is a bit more expensive than I remember it...or maybe I've just never paid for a family of four to bowl...who knows?? The girls had so much fun. They put up the bumpers and they have these rack type of things that small children can use to get enough momentum to get the ball down the lane. I have to say it was probably the highest score I've ever gotten bowling. Gotta love those bumpers!


Oma said...

They look like they are having so much fun. How did Conrad like it? I'll have to go with you sometime.

Anonymous said...

those pictures are so cute they are having fun. love it.see you soon love you guys granny

drowninginblessing said...

Yes, I would definitely improve my score with bumpers too. I love Gracie's smile. Melts my heart every time.