Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bento Thursday

This is an at home bento. It's a sloppy joe butterfly sandwich with strawberries and corn on the cob. Consequently, the didn't touch the sandwich. They ate the eyes off of it and that was pretty much it.

In the top bento they have cheese and turkey pepperoni skewers with crackers (homeade lunchables!) In the bottom bento there is sugar free chocolate pudding and berries in the bottom.

In the bottom box is (leftover) pizza skewers with ranch dressing (which I covered with plastic wrap) In the top is carrots and berries.

In the top box there is another lunchable like lunch with cheese cut outs, turkey pepperoni and crackers. Also packed are some cashews for a little extra protein and a twizler treat. The cheese is all dressed up with pink candy pearls. In the bottom are cherries and watermelon hearts.

In the top bento is peaches and strawberries and a cheese stick. In the bottom is a mini cinnamon raisin bagel with organic peanut butter. In the little box are gushers and then you have good ole' fishy crackers.


Shanygne said...

do you have skewers that long?? I can't seem to find long ones...
in one of the boxes of berries, it looks like olives with blackberries... I am sure it isn't, so what are they?
last comment: does each box have it's own lid? how do they work?

Danielle said...

Yes, you can find those skewers on any site that specilizes in bento supplies. I like I think what you see with the blackberries are golden raspberries?? The kids love those and they are good this time of year. Those little boxes each have thier own lid and they stack on top of one another. You then have a little strap (that you buys seperately) that keeps it all together. it's not really air a tupperware, so if you have anything liquidy, it would be better in a sealed container. They do make them with a seal tho. The ones I bought for myself are a locking lid system. Love that too!