Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Visit from Tereza-Akka

I have been procrastanating downloading pictures but finally got around to it today. When I did I realized that I forgot to mention that Tereza-Akka (Conrads cousin) came to visit us for a weekend. The girls L.O.V.E. Tereza and it was so fun to have her here. We showed her the town (ahem) and convinced her that she really needed to move to Ohio. We'll see how that turns out, but we gave it our all.

We took her to the zoo. Our current favorite thing to see at the zoo is the baby gorrilla. It is SO cute. And he loves little kids. So the little kids come up to the glass and press thier noses to it and the baby gorilla comes up on the other side and does the same thing. And one of my favorite things about the Columbus Zoo is that they place these great volunteers at some of the bigger exhibits and they asnwer all of your quesitons about the animals and tell you interesting facts!

My favorite animal at the zoo is the Okapi. It's the coolest animal! Apparently, it's very rare and it's limited to a very small area in the Republic of Congo. The Okapi looks like a zebra on the bottom and a big deer on the top. It's related to the giraffe.

We drug Tereza around with us to all of our fav events for the weekend. My cousin, beautiful Jenna, just graduated from high school (consequently, Jenna was BORN my freshman year of college, so ya, I'm feeling old!)

Then we took her to a home group Par-Tay. We always have fun with our home group peeps, but it was especially fun to introduce Tereza to everyone...and the kids had a blast too.

We ended the weekend with church and a tasty lunch at our local country club with beautiful scenery in the backdrop.

We miss you Tereza...come back soon!

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