Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

We have started some of our fun summer activities...okay actually it's just trying to suck every minute of enjoyment out of the few dry days we have had in Ohio. But we have been doing a steller job at it!

Isabelle and I used a Groupon to go and paint pottery. My little artist loved this and it was a good chance for us to do something one on one.

I remember Grandma Margie making me wonder woman bands and crown (was that what wonderwoman called it? A crown?) out of aluminum foil and I thought I'd use Chipotle's new gold foil left over from dinner to make some cool jewerly for the girls. Cheap AND fun! I know...ohhhh...ahhhhh.

I've decided that we might as well start early being the house that all of the kids want to hang out at. And we are! The neighborhood kids come and hang out at our house pretty much every night. So now it's like day camp at our house. It's a lot of pressure to do fun stuff! Nah, not really. It just involves more cookies than it used to. But we did spent a hot day running through the sprinkler, then coming in to make these simple little treats, made out of gusher candies, yogurt pretzel rings and some white chocolate. A little messy, but very popular with a handful of girls! These are called Gusher Ring Bling!


Leah said...

How fun! Wish we were your neighbors!

Anonymous said...

how wonderfuland so good to see my girls.

drowninginblessing said...

Love it! Enjoy those long summer days... I love the northern hemisphere. :)