Tuesday, June 07, 2011

One on One Time with the Princess

Conrad has been in New Orleans for a few days for work. Coincidentally, Isabelle went to stay with my parents for a few days during this time too. So, it has been just me and Grace on the home front for a few days. She doesn't mind at all because she is a Mama's girl. We have been having a great time swimming, going to the zoo, eating out, watching tons of movies, and having a lil' ole vacation, just the two of us.

This morning she did tell me that she wanted her Daddy. (Daddy will be very happy to hear this, since she usually asks for Mama) It was during the morning while I'm usually running around getting things ready to go, Daddy always makes time to sit and cuddle. She'll often ask, "Mama, can we go sit on the couch and just cuddle?" How could you say no to that?

Anyway, we have a couple more days of just us and it's has been wonderful and come to think of it, we'll have a lot more of when Isabelle goes to kindergarten in the Fall! More time with my Baby?? Bring it on!!


drowninginblessing said...

Sweetness! Enjoy your little princess.

Oma said...

She is sooo sweet! I want to make sure she comes to visit us so we can all dote on her too!! She'll like to be the one and only princess here. But I think Isabelle is liking being the belle of the ball here too!!! Miss my Gracie.