Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fourth of July

Shew! We have had a jam packed summer so far and it looks like it's only going to get more busy! I have been attempting to "stay on task" and check those "fun things" off of our summer to do list. And we've done well!

Among all of our fun, we traveled up north to my parent's last weekend. It was such a fun weekend! My sister and her family came too, along with new Baby Jack, who is still in the new baby, no sleep at normal times stage. (It was a good reminder to be thankful that we have no more newborns in the Michael house!) But I did get to spend some quality time with baby Jack Sunday morning, while his exhausted parent's slept for a couple of hours. We took a look walk and cuddled for a while. He wasn't so happy to be away from his momma, but Aunt Danielle was an okay substitute, I think.

To back track a bit, we went to the Wildlife Safari on Saturday. This is a place that was apparently right down the road from us, all the while we were growing up and we never went. We all got $5 tickets from Groupon and it was SOO worth it. We brought about seven pounds of carrots and fed tons of animals from our car windows! Fun..and a lil' scary sometimes. You haven't lived until a large Buffalo, a Texas long horn, or a giraffe sticks his head in your window.

The admission also included free pony rides and camel rides for the kids. I know, totally worth $5, right?

On Sunday afternoon we packed up the kids and went to the beach for a couple of hours. The weather was PER-FECT. Mid 80's with a nice breeze. We dug in the sand and convinced the kids to get into the water. My children, especially, are leery of water they can't see to the bottom of. And Lake Erie, that day, was certainly murky from a recent storm. Not to mention, their father Indians, in general, are like cats when it comes to water, so we have a lot to overcome when it comes to water sports!

And, although everyone was too tuckered out to stay up for fireworks, we did have fun at a cook out at my Aunt Brenda's, followed up with a little lightening bug hunting. All in all a perfect summer weekend!


Aunt Brenda said...

Just keep the commentaries coming; I love keeping up with your family. I promise you I will come down this summer and spend a day taking care of the girls and letting them entertain me. Love you guys.

Michelle said...

It still amazes me at how many things so close by to where we grew up was always in our backyard. I'm glad the girls are having such a fabulous summer. (they weren't scared of the animals in the window)