Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My First Pillow Creation

I have been planning on making this pillow FOREVER. I was actually dreading interacting with my sewing machine. We are not good friends and she gives me a hard time every time I pull her out of her hiding spot. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but every time I sew five or six stitches, the needle jams and I pick up the material only to find hundreds of little strings on the underside of the material?! What am I doing wrong?

Anyway, I did finally finish this pillow. It involved much hand stitching and cutting out of little circles..which my husband defiantly has been mocking me for my crafts that involve circles.

And (call me cheap, in India they say you are so cheap that you kill the fly that lands in your tea and suck the tea out of the fly before discarding it!)but I found a chair on the side of the road in our neighborhood the day after our subdivision garage sale, and picked it up. It sat in our garage for a week while I sprayed it down, cleaned it up, and just in general tried to convince myself there were no critters on or in it. This chair is fab-u-lous. And the wood matched our bedroom furniture perfectly. I just knew this pillow would bring it home.

Unfortunately, it turned out smaller than I thought it would be. (After all I cut and sewed circled on this thing for several nights!) It still looks awesome tho!


Oma said...

It's beautiful!! And all this talent-you really should go into designing! LOL See you soon. Love, Oma

Aunt Brenda said...

It looks great; I am envious. If your machine has a bobbin, that is probably where the problem lies with all the little strings on the under side. The bobbin probably is not wound correctly or is not fitting properly. And this from a relative who doesn't even own a sewing machine. Good luck with it.

Michelle said...

I have avoided circle projects for years. I don't understand what my problem is with circles, but I don't do well with them. The newer sewing machine I have gives me problems more often than not, so my husband bought me a late sixties table sewing machine for my b-day. This thing works like a dream. It's biggest problem is getting too hot from the work I do on it. It folds into the table and looks cute when not in use.