Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Isabelle's Purplelicious Party, Part 1

I had a hard time deciding on theme for Isabelle's fifth birthday party. We vacillated back and forth between a few different themes and ideas. But one thing she had solid ideas about: Purple. Purple is the color Du jour in our house right now. Which is interesting because less than a year back, it was most certainly all things pink.

So after a few false starts, we finally decided on a "Spa Party." I like the idea of having birthday parties somewhere else. It cuts down on the work and honestly, it's probably cheaper than all of the stuff I do for parties! But, I so enjoy doing kids parties, and I figure it's not going to be long before they start having strong opinions on cutesy party ideas and activities!

One of the hints that I read over and over in party planning sites is to pick one color and stick with it to make a bold aesthetic statement, and boy did we ever! It was truly purplelicious! I started off by making her invitations. I saw something I liked online and copied it. It was a pair of flowery flip flops. I bought a packages of purple "card making" blank note cards, along with some contrasting scrapbook paper. I used my cricut to cut out feet and flowers, and little brads went in the center, along with thin purple ribbon for the flip flop strap. I printed out the invitation on the inside with the following wording:
"This certificate entitles you to enjoy a relaxing day of pampering at Isabelle's Day Spa in honor of Isabelle Michael's 5th Birthday. Redeemable on August 6 at 2:00pm. Call Danielle to confirm your reservation."

The next big item on my planning list were the favors. A good kids party should include some killer favors and I think we delivered this time! I got some cheap purple totes from (where else) and bought four or five Fat Quarters from Jo-Ann's as well as some buttons. I cut out different sized circles and made a flower circle (my husband makes fun of me for all of the "crafts" that I do that involve me cutting out circles!) They turned out SO CUTE, if I do say so myself!

I filled the totes with a pair of gussied up purple flip flops (Jo Ann's Bargain Big for $1 each) with a purple flower. The downside is that plastic flowers hot glued to plastic flip flops doesn't really stay. I re-glued all of them at least twice and they have probably all fallen off again! I'll have to research a solution to that before we try anything like that again!

I also handmade some beautiful headbands with rosette's on them and a little wool felt leaf. They turned out so pretty, I even like them for myself! I finished the bag off with a ring pop and a little bottle of lotion or body spray.

I cut out name tags and hand wrote the girls names on them, along with little dye cut butterflies. I attached it with jute. It was practical and pretty. All in all, I was so excited about how my little favor turned out. They were very pretty and added just the right touch to the party. Here is the breakdown of cost (because I'm always interested in this when I'm thinking of copying an idea from some one's blog:
Tote(including shipping): $2 each
Headband: $1 for six plastic headbands @ Dollar Store, along with $5 for a yard of cotton fabric, on clearance at walmart. Wool felt about 30 cents per sheet, one sheet.
Fat Quarters (which I used for several of my other decorations you'll see soon): Four of them @ $1.50 each using one of my Jo Ann's coupons
Buttons: Package of Misc pearl buttons for $3
Flip flops: $1 each, bunches of flowers (with about 5 blossoms per bunch) on sale at Jo Ann's for about $1.50 each, making them about .30 each.
Lotion/Body spray: Bought in set of three for $2.
Ring Pop: .33 @ Party City.

Stay tuned for more pictures and DIY projects for little girl birthday parties!


shannon said...

wow, those are some really nice gift bags for the guests!

Michelle said...

Too too cute!! I think every year that you've out done yourself and then the next year comes around, lol. I can't wait to hear the solution to the hot glue and flip flop dilemma. This has presented problems for me on other projects I've tried.

bakers8 said...

Oh my Danielle. I plan on calling you for ideas for parties from now on. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your ideas and pictures of your party. Thank you for sharing and making other moms and grandmas life easier.