Saturday, August 13, 2011

Isabelle's Purplicious Party, Part 2

The second element of Isabelle's party involved the decorations and the activities. One tried and true activity that has made it's way to every single one of Isabelle's August birthday's is the inflatable water slide. This is a sure fire way to make a party a success. Luckily, my mom bought one and loans us it every summer for this occasion. It's huge and it is outrageous kid fun!

We added two activities to the party that were a big hit with the girls. We did make your own lip gloss and had a mani/pedi station. I searched high and low for the lip gloss idea before finally settling on a home spun recipe that basically mixed petroleum jelly and koolaid, mixed with a tiny bit of water, to add flavor and color. I put it in a baggie and let the girls moosh it around until it was blended. I snipped off the corner and let them pour it into the container.

I bought a package of small stainless steel wedding favor containers and a package of scrap booking flowers and let the girls decorate their lip gloss containers with the flowers. It was much messier than I figured, but turned out rather fun!

They then moved to "Isabelle's Day Spa" where they got their fingers and toes painted, along with nail art applied. I found some great nail stickers at Target. They also got hair glitter and what I called "Face Bling" or stick on gems for their face. This was a surprising crowd pleaser. And I told them that Indian woman wear them (bindi's) on their forehead and since Isabelle is Indian...

On to decorations! My favorite part! I got THIS idea and decided we needed a purple table tu tu. I bought 10 yards of cheap tulle, thinking that would be more than enough for our small table, and it was barely enough. I think I paid $8 total for the tulle (on sale) and a roll of purple ribbon and made it myself to wrap around the table. I also bought a cheap plastic table cloth and a whole bunch of purple tissue paper that I made into about 12 puff balls of various sizes for decorations.

I also took my leftover Fat quarters and jute and cut out a mini pendant banner, which I attached with hot glue (since my sewing skills are not so stellar!). I then just cut the rest of the material into long strips and tied it to our island. I was so pleased with this last minute addition!

One of my (two) splurges were the very cool vintagy purple and white stripped paper straws I bought from Etsy. And since I wanted to highlight the great straws, I ended up going to Gordon Foods for clear plastic cups with lids. WHY I've never done this before, I don't know. I LOVE using these cups with lids myself, for everyday use. But I have to say, that although the paper straws are so cute, it's not very pleasant to drink from paper straws and they get soggy pretty quickly. Oh well, you win some, you lose some!
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Linda said...

Absolutely awesome!

Anonymous said...

you out did yourself again it was the cutest party ever,i could not believe you did all those decorations just beautiful.missing you guys,love granny

Oma said...

Nellie, it was a beautiful party--hey you need to show pictures of your butterfly cupcakes, I was trying to tell everyone about them. Happy late birthday!!!

Michelle said...

Love the decorations!! I didn't know you could buy them cups w/lids at gordon's. That is a fabulous idea to keep around the house. and Happy Birthday Danielle!!