Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

We had big plans last weekend to go pick apples. But it was COLD and rainy. Because it was also very soggy, the apple orchard closed for the day. Bummer! So we re-arranged our plans to make the best of it!

I used to travel to a small city in Ohio named Xenia to conduct a vision clinic. On the way to Xenia I passed through a small very quaint little town called Yellow Springs. It's the home of Antioch University. It's VERY small but oh so cute. They have lots of theaters, restaurants, and toy stores. They also have more than their fair share of hippie-type granola stuff. It's very tree-hugging, especially for the mid-west.

In Yellow Springs is a cider mill that is one of the only mills in Ohio that sells un-pasteurized cider. And we all know of my LOVE of un-pasteurized cider. So we set off to Peifers Orchards to get a few gallons for Grace's birthday party coming up next weekend. I know, I know, I'm planning on feeding apple juice teeming with bacteria to a bunch of 3 year olds! But they will be warned and alternative options will be offered!

I also knew that there is this great dairy farm called Young's Jersey Dairy that has amazing homemade ice cream and lovely cheese curds. I thought we could stop for lunch and make a day of it. Unbeknown st to me, they were having a big fall festival complete with all things fall festival-ish.

Our favorite (free) thing was the ability to go tour their cow barns. They had goats and baby cows and big ole' milking cows. They were docile and let the kids pet them, and the farmer even came out and showed us how to milk the cows and gave a little talk on dairy cows. The kids loved it..we loved it! All of the kids especially loved it when the cows pooped. I know, very exciting stuff, right?


Anonymous said...

the pictures are so cute looks like they are having fun love gram

Michelle said...

That was an awesome opportunity!! I think the dairy cows are so much cleaner than your everyday cow. I'm glad the girls enjoyed it.