Monday, October 10, 2011

Grace's 3rd Birthday

I thought I would highlight Grace's birthday party. We had a great time! I did a "farm theme." But honestly I didn't have to do too much because we got a pony to come and well..that's pretty much all you need for a bunch of small children! I choose pink and blue and loved the color combo. It was a cute combo!

The weather (as it is every year for Grace's birthday) was PERFECT! So we had the party outside. I made Peanut butter cupcakes and wedding white cupcakes with my favorite Swiss Meringue Butter cream frosting. I colored pink and blue. The then made little pink chocolate animals to put on top. Of course, they melted in the hot sun, but oh well! I also made my favorite push up pop cupcakes, which were a big hit with the little ones.

I followed the same theme as with Isabelle's party, I bought several pieces of material and made pendants, wreaths and table decorations with the same swatches of material. Easy!

For favors, I got cowboy hats and blue bandannas. I also got little cats and put labels on them that said, "Adopt a barn cat. My name is..." and we named each one. I got M & M's and packaged them as "Kitty Food" and we painted birdhouses with paint markers. Good stuff!

We ended the night with smores over an open fire.

Grace got some awesome highlight was new bedding! I love it and she needed it. The child has only ever had hand me down stuff, so I was glad she got something new of her own!!

Thanks again to all of the sweet family and friends who came to celebrate with us!


Anonymous said...

My kids had such a great time! Thanks for the invitation!

Anonymous said...

awsom,the pictures the whole deal was just beautiful, love granny

Aunt Brenda said...

The party was wonderful and boy, did the weather cooperate. So glad to see all of you and I hope the girls are both feeling better. Love you all.

Leah M said...

That just looks beautiful! Great job Danielle, and happy birthday Grace!!!

Oma said...

The day was perfect and blessed by the Lord. Gracie was so well as Isabelle, Abby and Jack. It was beautifully done and the food was great and the ponies were just the icing on the cake. I think we adults enjoyed the party as much as the kids. You did well, Danielle. I love you, Honey.

Michelle said...

The pony pretty much says it all!! I have no idea how you are ever going to be able to top that.