Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy 3d Birthday Grace!

Dear Grace,

I cannot believe that my baby is three years old! Time flies and you have been, from the moment you were born, a joy and a pleasure to raise. You are sweet and funny. Even when you are sick, Daddy and I never mind getting up with you because you are the least self centered sick person I have ever met. Today we were in the grocery store and you looked at me and said, "I love you Mommy." You tell me you love me at least as much as I tell you! You cuddle and smile and make everyone laugh! You are super smart (not that I'm biased) but you talked in complete sentances before a year old. You walked at 10 months. And you are a performer! On some level, Im almost afraid you'll want to go into show business when you grow up! You dance and sing with your whole heart ALL THE TIME, and I'm not exaggerating!

Everyday, we love you more and more. We are happy to see you grow up and sad to see you grow up. Each day our baby disappears a little more and this bright little girl appears. But we love her too!

All our Love,
Mommy and Daddy

Grace @ Birth

Grace @ 1 year

Grace @ 2 years

Grace @ 3 years


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful child...sounds like inside and out~Happy Birthday Gracie~Love, Terri and Philip

Anonymous said...

she is going to be animated for JESUS,sooooo beautiful,love you little one

Oma said...

Happy Sweet Birthday to my sweet baby Gracie - from your Oma