Friday, January 06, 2012

A Pintrest Christmas, Part 3

For years, I've wanted to get my Grandma one of these fabulous personalized cake pans from the Cake Pan Lady. Granny cooks A LOT and is always bringing one thing or another for this or than potluck. She's also often losing containers. But I put it off because the cake pan lady is a bit pricey!

Fast forward to this fall and I found a great idea for etching your own glass. I have a Cricut Cutting Machine and thought, "huh, I can do this." Thinking through my gift list, I figured a lot of my family actually cooks for parties and potlucks and away I went. I simply bought some nice glass containers with lids on them. I then cut out thier names using my Cricut Machine and vinyl material. I stuck the vinyl to the side of the glass, and then applied etching cream to the name stencil. Wait 2 or 3 minutes, wash it off, remove the vinyl stencil and wah lah! I loved how it turned out. Not perfect (getting my sisters FULL name straight turned out to a bit challenging on a round bowl...) but nice!

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Michelle said...

Unbelievable Danielle! That is so awesome!!