Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas Morning and Santa's Footprints

When I was about six years old I started catching on to the fact that Santa wasn't real. I'm not sure how I came to that conclusion, but I asked my Dad, and being my dad, he told me the truth. And I was fine with that harsh reality. As long as I still got the presents. Of course I went to school and shared it with my friends. My cousin Michelle's mother still hasn't forgiven me for killing the Christmas innocents in thier home (sorry Linda!) In light of that information, and in light of the fact that my oldest has been (so far) much like her mother, I figure we have, at most, another year or two of Magical Santa Belief. So we lived it up this year! We throughly enjoyed the starry eyed wonder all morning long!

Isabelle came downstairs in the middle of the night, jumped in bed and said, "Mom, Sants came! He left presents and footprints all over the living room!

I had cut out my own shoe print on a piece of paper and mixed flour and glitter and sifted onto the foot cutout all over the living room. Clever, right? Well, I am original, you know.

Along with eating all of our biscotti (we wanted to leave something unique for santa) and milk. Santa left a note for the girls. He also marked the packages with special North Pole Delivery Tags. How cool is Santa? Thankfully, no one noted that the wrapping paper was the same that Mommy used on all of our gifts to our family. Shew!

MY favorite gifts that we Santa got for them were these pesonalized plates from etsy. You design one to look like your child. I also got one for Abby and Jack. I love love love them. Grace was all like, "" And Isabelle was all like, "Ahhh Braids! I don't wear braids, anymore! I wear ponytails. ONLY ponytails!" Oh well. They'll appreciate it when they're older. Hopefully. And you gotta love the "reality television" looks we were getting that morning. If they weren't small children I would describe these pictures as "hung over."

A good time was had by all and caos ensued!


Anonymous said...

so cute,love granny

Michelle said...

I think life has a funny way of coming full circle because to this day my son says "grami killed the Easter bunny". I also think the santa thing has a magical appeal to children but even after santa is discovered there is so much more magic you discover with human kindness.