Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Sunday

Does two years in a row a tradition make? Well, if so, we officially have ourselves a tradition! The Michael's have hosted Easter Sunday dinner two years in a row. It's quite a feat considering our family lives two hours plus away from us. We had a great Easter Weekend. Besides all of the new dresses, we had a good visit from the Easter Bunny. She He led the girls through a scavanger hunt to find thier Easter Baskets. I think a good time was had by all!
The girls woke up to jelly beans leading to thier first clue (and new umbrellas!)
Thier second clue led them to the fruit basket in the kitchen and some Grow your own strawberry kits.
The third clue was in the dryer and had new purses!
Finally! hidden in the utility closet!


Anonymous said...

my beautiful little family,the pictures are all so good i love it,love you guys gram,

drowninginblessing said...

I especially love the family Easter photo. You are such beautiful people!