Monday, April 16, 2012

Palm Sunday

In my typical fashion I am a couple of weeks behind on what's happening in our lives. But I have been lovelingly reminded that there are family members in India who are waiting to see new pictures! That is a great reminder for me to keep up my little blogging experiment! So I wanted to share with you some pictures of Palm Sunday. Our church has a kid-centric service on palm sunday complete with 100,000 easter egg hunt and a great service that is mostly for children. Our kids love it and it's a huge community outreach. Have I mentioned we love our church? Well, we do!!

You can see the football field dotted with eggs for the hunt. I guess "hunt" is a strong word for what occured. Egg "Pick Up" is probably more appropriate!

They had several bunnies on stage before the service you could go and get your pictures taken with!

Isabelle loved the bunnies...Grace, on the other hand, still has a fear of people dressed up as characters!

Face painted bunny whiskers and nose!

One of our little neighbors, Riley, came with us! The girls had a great time with her!

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Anonymous said...

these pictures of isabelle are so beautiful,and makes me happy to know you guys are happy in your church ,love you all grannie