Wednesday, July 04, 2012

They're Finally Here!

Our family pictures are finally here! I am so excited and thought I'd share them with you and shamelessly plug Heart of Me Photography again.  I am a huge fan of all things creative and beautiful, and good photography is most certainly at the top of my list.  Note I said "good."  On the other hand cheap studio portraits make me cringe, no matter how cute the kids are!  I think photography is art and should take my breathe away AND make me look fabulous (thank you photoshop!) Shannon, the photographer (and my cousin), packaged our pictures in a beautiful package with a metal cd case with one of our pictures on the cover!  She also prints her pictures on a stock called linen texture that makes the photos almost look like they are canvas portraits. I had never seen that before and really loved it!  The "brag book" is amazing and she even threw in an extra gift, an iphone cover for me with the girls pictures on it! Can I tell you again how happy I am to have a photographer in the family? And if you live in Ohio, and are looking for a good photographer, look no further than Heart of Me!

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