Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Isabelle's 6th Birthday Party

I am slowly falling behind on blog world. I know. But I have been doing it for so many years, I feel like it's my digital scrapbooking and feel obligated to not let it completely die. By the way, my scrapbooking is also falling WAYYYYY behind.  My poor second childs life has been recorded with nary any creativity! *sigh* Oh well!

Isabelle's sixth birthday has come and gone. And my 30 something birthday too!  Isabelle requested a Mermaid party this year and I happily complied.  I know it's only a matter of years when my girls are not going to want parties with themes and tissue paper puff balls. Instead they are going to want trips to the mall and outings with friends, so my inner party planner is soaking every last moment of enjoyment out of these years. Yes, I enjoy it probably more than my girls. Who are mostly in it for the gifts, if I'm being honest.

We went with a blue and green theme and the highlight of the event were the end of season beach towels, that I rigged into make shift mermaid tails. A lovely favor, if I do say so myself. We also decorated water bottles and sunglasses with stick-0n bling. We had so many wonderful family and friends come from near and far, the house was FULL and Isabelle got so many great gifts. Thank you everyone for sharing in Isabelle's day!

Cupcakes by Mama. These are suppose to be mermaid tails!:)

Green and Blue was our theme

Gift bags with sunglasses and waterbottles inside.
 Isabelle's newly remodeled furniture pulling double duty as party decor!

Cupcake table.
 Mermaid Tails waiting for each little guest.

Wearing thier mermaid tails. Aren't they cute?
 Papaw and Abby
 Oma, Jack and Isabelle on her new bike!

 Waterslide, always a big hit. Thanks for the loaner, Oma!
 Sweet Jenna and Abby
Friends and Family hanging out.

Opa and Isabelle

Isabelle getting ready to blow out the candle on her cupcake.

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