Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Grade

We have had some ups and downs with schooling in our family, and poor Isabelle has had to bear with us, as our practice oldest child. She has switched schools several times, and this year she began a new year at a top rated charter school in Columbus. In fact there was a waiting list of 250 students and she miraculously got in at the last minute! So, she began the first grade, uniforms and all on August 6. Her day is LONG, as she starts at 7:45 and goes till 3:15. So far, she's doing great, even though she is exhausted at the end of the day. We are really proud of her!
 In the meantime, I have also been enjoying some one and one time with my baby (not so much a baby anymore!) Grace.  We have been running errand, taking walks, reading books, and having quiet breakfasts together. Love that girl!


Anonymous said...

those little girls are sooo sweet,

Lynley said...

Such sweet girls. Beautiful days with both of them. Unbelievable how much they are growing up!