Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Voice Inside My Head

I'll take a break from "Mommy Blogging" today and comment on something else. Friday night Conrad and I were watching the Hamilton ATF live on God TV (which I realized that must have been why Shanygne G was taking her husband to the airport on Thursday, since Hamilton has always been Kevin's baby!) And as I listened to Ron talking I realized that THAT was the voice in my head. I guess 17 years of going on TM Missions trips and working with TM...and Ron is the voice in my head. I know that may sound strange to you outside of TM world, but I think those of you inside understand what I'm talking about!

Although that is funny, Ron and Katie really have deposited so many good things into my life. And my heart for the world and any leadership qualities I may possess are a credit to them and a direct result of thier passion for God (Oh ya, and thanks to my mom and dad too:). But I guess today, I am really grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of Teen Mania. So, thanks Ron and Katie...wherever you are today!!


Shanygne said...

I second that... You should send Ron/Katie a note and let them know... I know they would appreciate it, and I am on a big kick of telling people when I have been blessed by them, even in little ways...

Anonymous said...

So you're saying you hear "I'm a fire-breathin devil stompin world changin WILD kinda Christian" in your head? hmm... me too!
Can't wait to chat with you! RM