Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello Baby, Where have you been?

Several years ago I discovered that there was one Sonic Drive-Thru in the entire state of Ohio. Deep in Hocking Hills in Nelsonville, OH. Every time I drive that direction for a clinic or training I had to stop at Sonic for a Cherry Lime-Aid. I don’t care if it’s 9:30 in the morning. If you are passing it, you have to stop. After all, it’s not every day you get the opportunity for one of these babies.

And now I would like to announce that the southern legend has come to Ohio. We happily welcome SONIC, American’s drive-in to Central Ohio..whoo hoo! It opened a couple of week or so ago, but we just dropped in for a cherry lime-aid on Saturday. We pulled in to construction cones and several little teenagers directing traffic. Drive Thru to the right, Drive In to the left. Twelve to 15 minute wait. Seriously…for Sonic. Conrad and Hubert were laughing at the little servers wearing roller skates. They had never been to a Sonic before.
And everybody enjoyed the Cherry lime-aid slush…particularly Isabelle…who cried every time you took it away!
Just in time for summer…good times.


Natalie said...

After our discussion about Sonic on Friday, Eric and I trekked to the one in Whitehall, and I sampled my first ever cherry lime-aid. YUM!!!!!! I'm usually a sonic slushie kind of gal, but I was very excited to try the cherry lime-aid, and I'm definitely sold!

I must warn you though... the service at the one in Whitehall is horrible. Everytime I've gone, they messed up my order. Stick with your Grove City one.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Shanygne said...

Yay for Sonic!! It is a travesty not to have one in every city, I think...

I have taken to Cranberry Limeades now... LOVE them!

Glad Uncle Hubert is able to visit.. very fun...

Jona said...

I love Sonic!! We am going to Hocking Hills on Sunday (for a whole week). Eric has never been either, so now I will have to find it and make him try it while we are down there! I am excited!! Next year I am sure Isabelle will be able to stay up for the whole fireworks display!